The Aquafol system is a geo-electric appliance developed to control the integrity of insulating geo-membrane. It is suitable especially for the observation of landfill insulating impermeability.

The landfills of categories S-PP and S-NO must be - according to Czech norms CSN 83 8030, 8032 and primarily CSN 83 8036 (Landfills - Monitoring of landfills) - "equipped with the monitoring system that can verify the integrity of liner sealing". Similar norms for controlling the integrity of insulating geo-membrane exist abroad as well. For example, there is ASTM - D6747-15 norm used in the United States.

Two basic types of commercially used geo-electric methods of insulating integrity monitoring contain:

  • Mobile systems
  • Fixed systems

The Aquafol system belongs to the fixed systems category - the measuring electrodes are fixed underneath the liner and the measuring itself runs in the monitoring box, using an electronic measuring appliance.

Protects the environment

Extends the life of tightness insulation

Ensures permanent monitoring of leakage liner

Helps to quickly and effectively eliminate leaks in isolation

Saves time and money in case of detection and troubleshooting


  • Monitoring box
  • Protective layer
  • Geo-textile
  • Waterproofing geo-membrane
  • Monitoring system Aquafol


  • Offline measuring
  • Online measuring
  • Remote access
  • Automatic evaluation


Mobile system (similarly to the fixed system) belongs to electric appliances used to control the integrity of landfills insulating. On the contrary to the fixed systems, the mobile system uses measuring probes moving over the geo-membrane. The saturated electrodes could be ground straps or portable metal electrodes.

Mobile systems are cheaper, however, the effectiveness significantly decreases with the monitoring layer thickness. The optimal thickness of a monitored layer is less than 50 cm. We recommend this method as a one-time measuring after placing the protection layer.


The Aquafol Arc-Tester technology was specially designed to control the quality of uncovered insulating liner and is in accordance with the ASTM - D6747-15 norm. The system electronically verifies the integrity of the whole surface, including welds. This enables finding all the faults (e.g. caused by production, transportation, or installation) right after placing the insulating membrane.

The Aquafol Arc-Tester reacts even to the untightness smaller than 1 mm2.

We offer:
  • Measurement of leakage waterproofing membrane
  • Staff training with certificate